6 Keys for a Strong Marketing Plan

June 27, 2016 0 By: GayleHope

A strong marketing plan requires hard work and coordinated implementation to be successful. Regardless of your business, here are 6 keys for developing a strong marketing strategy for 2020.

Develop a Mission Statement

In many companies, a mission statement seems to just be a plaque on the wall with little or no value. A good old-fashioned mission statement serves as a foundational guide in the formation of company objectives, and reminds you why you’re in business. It also serves as an invaluable source of keywords for your SEO, AdWords and other digital marketing.

Build your buyers profile

In other words, really get to know your target market, and don’t be afraid that you’re missing out. Most businesses have more than one target market so craft messages for all of them. Creating a marketing message for ‘anyone who has dirty carpet’ can be vague. Try crafting a message to 35-45 year old homeowners with 2 kids and 2 pets who are having family in for the holidays. Then create one for 22 year-old college students who are vacating their lease and need to recover as much of their security deposit as possible. Targeted messages typically hit their mark way more effectively.

Know your competition

Even if there aren’t many direct competitors, something else is competing for your potential client’s money. What is it and why should the client spend his money with you instead? What is your competitive advantage or unique selling proposition?

Find a niche

Is there a market segment that is not currently being served or is not being served well? A niche strategy allows you to focus your marketing efforts and lead your market, even if you are a small player.
Content calendar – Once you’ve determined your keywords, target markets, competition and niche, develop a content calendar for the year. What messages are you going to send to which market segment at what time and through what platform? You can employ blogs, video, podcasts, eBooks and much more to send your message to your potential customers and generate leads for your business.

Analyze, analyze, analyze

If you have a monthly newsletter that is blasted to all your clients but only 5% of them are opening it, you have a problem. If you are spending hundred on dollars on Google AdWords but have a bounce rate of 68%, something is wrong. You should routinely pay attention to the analytics so you know what is working and what is not.

Your marketing focus this year should include internal and external analysis as well as on producing and distributing quality content. However, as the weeks and months pass by, it will be important to recognize any shifts taking place and to adapt your efforts accordingly. The current state of marketing never stays still for long and you must be ready to evolve.

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