what is good design
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If you look around you, you will see many different examples of good design all over your house. From book covers to food labels, from stickers to door mats, it’s everywhere. However, we never really take a good look at these things, much less wonder what qualifies them as” good”. Luckily, in the 1970s, Dieter […]

February 25, 2021 0 By: GayleHope
relationships take effort

All relationships take some effort on your part.  Stay in touch with your friends and family – make an effort to do that.  It’s really, really important!  Relationships will die if you allow them to.  This applies to friends, family members and spouses. . Good relationships take hard work. Sustaining a relationship over years is […]

November 19, 2020 0 By: GayleHope