define your target market

When asked who your target market is, do you respond with “Anyone who needs…” or “Anyone who wants”? If yes, then perhaps you could take a bit of time to define your target market. Why? Here are 3 great reasons. 1. A defined market helps to determine promotions Let’s say you’re an electrician and you’d […]

March 1, 2019 0 By: GayleHope
bigstock Business man pointing the text

SEO and content are the main drivers for internet visibility. At the center of those pieces are keywords. So when you are putting together campaigns, strategies, and content calendars, it’s pretty important you know what keywords people use to search for your product or service. What is a Keyword? Technically speaking, a keyword is “an […]

January 18, 2018 0 By: GayleHope
professional event planner

Whether it’s a one time event or an ongoing event, hiring a professional event planner can take away major stress that comes from putting an event together. A professional can be a tremendous asset to social or corporate events. Their experiences have taught them to look for and to anticipate problems and opportunities. Here are […]

April 14, 2017 0 By: GayleHope