Social Media

Social media marketing fits well with the attention span of today’s consumers.

Though social media feeds can be busy, you still need to participate. Many prospects use a business’s social media profile as a way to gauge how involved they are with customers and community. A Facebook or LinkedIn page that has current posts, comments, and reviews can be a deciding factor for some potential leads.

This is especially true for social media on a local level. When your prospects see you actively participating and promoting your community, you build valuable credibility which will eventually translate into profit.

UpHill Marketing knows this.

And we know that social networks don’t just work to connect with your customers, but also it allows them to connect with you. In fact, 73.4% of users will follow a brand because of their interest in the product or service. Because of this, we utilize social listening in all our social media marketing campaigns so when people talk to you, you talk back.

People are part of many different communities while they are online. We help you make your company’s page a community that has a guiding philosophy behind the business.

Our goal is to maximize your efforts on your chosen social media platforms. To accomplish this, we help to make your company seem approachable.  We create your social media pages to be informative as well as entertaining. When your prospects engage with you, it’s likely they will share your content. We can help you leverage social media to increase your content’s visibility, and because social media provides a second residence for your content, your chances of creating quality backlinks and enhancing your SEO increase as well.

It’s more than just posting ‘stuff’. Let UpHill Marketing help you develop a solid social media strategy as part of your marketing plan.