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September Social Media

August 29, 2020 0 By: GayleHope

Here it is! Your September social media ideas.

The last few months have been hectic ones, filled simultaneously with summer fun and coronavirus-fueled chaos. With Autumn approaching fast, the former is certainly winding down. We can only hope that the latter will follow suit. September is National Recovery Month, and with the return of school promising a partial return to normalcy, we can remain optimistic about the recovery being made around the country. Of course, we all still feel the reverberations, with some still experiencing the initial shock of this pandemic. This is why another one of September’s designations, National Courtesy Month, reminds us to treat each other with respect and understanding.

National Food Bank Day

September 4th is National Food Bank Day. I’d like to take this opportunity to spotlight Community Food Pantry in Carrollwood. The Community Food Pantry is committed to the mission of hunger and determined to eradicate the confining labels put on our neighbors. In this time of unprecedented economic uncertainty, many families have found themselves without a reliable food source. Due to this, the Pantry has seen a 272% increase in the families they serve each week. Challenge your followers to donate food! Not only will it help those in our community, it will bring hope and happiness when many aspects of life seem bleaker than before.

National Read A Book Day

September 6th is National Read A Book Day! Having spent so much time indoors, books have been a fantastic way to stay sharp and mentally engaged. Engage your followers by asking them about their quarantine reading. Speaking of which, September 12th is National Swap Ideas Day, so all of those acquired book smarts will come in handy.

Talk Like a Pirate Day

And in-between those times, wind down on September 7th, otherwise known as National Beer Lover’s Day. You know who also loves their grog? Pirates! Try your hand (or hook) at talking like a pirate on September 9th, you salty sea dogs!

September Social Media

4th – National Wildlife Day #NationalWildlifeDay

4th – National Food Bank Day #NationalFoodBankDay

5th – National Be Late For Something Day #NationalBeLateForSomethingDay

6th – National Read A Book Day #NationalReadABookDay

7th – National Beer Lover’s Day #NationalBeerLoversDay

7th – Labor Day #LaborDay

10th – National Swap Ideas Day #NationalSwapIdeasDay

12th – National Day of Encouragement #NationalDayOfEncouragement

14th – National Live Creative Day #NationalLiveCreativeDay

16th – Mayflower Day #MayflowerDay

19th – Talk Like A Pirate Day #TalkLikeAPirateDay

22nd – Autumnal Equinox #AutumnalEquinox

25th – National BRAVE Day #NationalBRAVEDay

30th – National Love People Day #NationalLovePeopleDay

If you want to toss around some ideas for your September social media campaigns, feel free to give us a call at 813-892-2545.

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